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Diverse Speakers, Common Goal
Our distinguished lineup boasts 21 speakers, all united by a shared focus on mindset.
Learn from seasoned stepfamily coaches, psychologists, and influential voices
as they guide you toward the mindset shifts that can lay the foundation
for a more unified stepfamily experience.
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Ali Wilks
You are Sacred and Worthy:
3 Steps to Reclaim Your Divine Worth

Anna De Acosta
Navigating Uncertainty

Brittney Phillips
Mind Over Meltdown: Empowering Your Mindset in Blended Family Triggers

Ginger Gentile
Stop Erasing Family

Heidi Farrell
Little Picture/Big Picture Thinking

Jason Kreidman
Parenting Partnership: How Moms Can Motivate Dads to Contribute

Jayna Haney
Flexible Thinking – Changing the Blame Game and Taking Back Your Power

Krista Giovara
In the Shoes of a Stepmom: Growing, Changing and Embracing New Challenges

Laura Petherbridge
Stepping Back Without Stepping Out - The Smart Stepmom

Lori & David Sims
You Have Control Over And Can Change Your Mindset

Dr. Mary Anne Gunter
Trauma, Loss, And Grief in Blended Families -- Adults and Children

Mary T. Kelly
Top 3 Issues Stepmoms Face

Meg Burton Tudman
Master Your Mindset For Emotional Strength

Dr. Michaela Bucchianeri
From Panic to Purpose: Finding Peace in Your Stepmom Role

Mike Haney
The Courageous Stepdad: Being Intentional in your Blended Family

Monica Chaney
Feeling Like The Outsider In Our Stepfamily

Dr. Sonia Cann-Milland 
Changing Transition Experience From Traumatic To Tranquil

Susan Haworth
Untangling the BioMom/StepMom Web: 5 Steps to Release and Refocus

Susan Lancaster
Considered Listening

Tracy Poizner
Category of One: Cashing In On The Hardest Part Of Being A Stepmom

Claudette Chenevert - host, producer, and presenter of The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit since 2020

Embracing Growth Together: Building a Positive Mindset in Stepfamilies through Micro-Community

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You deserve unprecedented access to a select group of trusted experts with firsthand knowledge of stepfamily life's hiccups and heartaches. Having been in your shoes, our presenters launched their practices with a mission to help others navigate the challenges, dynamics and stressors unique to families like ours. 

Back in the day? There were no role models to follow. There were no books or magazines on the topic. There were no programs or seminars to enroll in. In short, there was nowhere to turn for answers we desperately needed. Now that there is, give yourself (and your loved ones) the "Ultimate" gift. Register today!

On a Personal Note 
by Claudette Chenevert
Host, Producer, Presenter

Having been a stepparent for 30+ years, let me tell you: I get how hard it can be! My two stepdaughters are adults now and so is my son, whom my husband helped raise as his stepdad. Sure, some aspects of stepfamily life get easier, but the challenges never end.

I created The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit with YOU in mind—plain and simple—with a goal of helping you ride out the ups and downs of stepfamily life with greater knowledge, resources and grace.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say "Hi!" while attending the 4th Ultimate Stepfamily Summit.


Claudette Chenevert
The Stepmom Coach