Create a strong and healthy stepfamily,   one STEP at a time

Jayna Haney, MS, LPC, EMDR Certified and founder, The Bridge Across for Single Parents and Stepfamilies started her journey when her first marriage ended twenty years ago.

She first wrestled with the issues of single parenthood, then stepfamily life. She’s learned a lot.

Jayna helps families build new skills and resilience and deal with conflict, attachment, and trauma in challenging situations with a unique counseling and coaching approach.

Jayna and her husband, Mike, have been married for 20+ years (in stepfamily life) and have 4 grown children. 


Here are some of the main points from Jayna's interview:

  • How taking responsibility for your own power and not blaming others contributes to personal growth and improved relationships
  • The four traits of high conflict people identified by Bill Eddie
  • How these traits contribute to the difficulty in resolving conflicts and how to maintain healthy relationships
  • How blaming others contribute to feelings of helplessness and powerlessness
  • How engaging in flexible thinking can lead to a sense of personal power and help in navigating high conflict situations

(the full version of this session runs 0:53:00)

Create a 
strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time