Create a strong and healthy stepfamily,   one STEP at a time

Jason Kreidman is the founder of Dad University, an educational company dedicated to helping dads go from overwhelmed and confused to calm and confident parent. Through his courses, YouTube videos, and social media, he is working to improve the lives of dads around the world.


Here are some of the main points from Jason's interview:

  • Help dads to stay connected with their kids even if they are not with them all the time
  • How can dads fulfill their role as disciplinarian without relying on the mom or stepmom
  • How can empathy play a role in effective discipline and communication with children
  • How can clear role definition and open communication contribute to thriving relationships and households?
  • How can dads be encouraged to be more involved in taking care of their children, regardless of the children's age?

(the full version of this session runs 0:36:01)

Create a 
strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time