Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, one STEP at a time

Ginger Gentile is on a mission to save children from the trauma of high-conflict divorce. Drawing on her journey as a child torn between two parents and her documentary films she has become an in-demand coach and public speaker, appearing on Red Table Talk, Bravo, NBC and on the SXSW stage.

Her first film on this topic, ERASING DAD, was filmed in Argentina and resulted in joint-custody legislation being enacted. ERASING FAMILY, currently streaming on all major platforms, exposes the trauma children suffer when a loving parent is erased from their lives, a problem that affects 22 million families in the US alone. Ginger served as the executive director of the National Parents Organization, which is dedicated to making shared parenting the norm.

Ginger is reuniting over 1000 families torn apart by parental alienation with her coaching and courses at where she shows that only one healthy parent is required to change the traumatizing dynamics of parental alienation and estrangement. She has created a Roadmap that teaches parents to follow simple steps to heal their families and become magnets that attract their kids back.

You can watch Erasing Family for free on Youtube and

Here are some of the main points from Ginger's interview:

  • What is parental alienation and how can parental alienation affect the child
  • What steps can be taken to reverse parental alienation and rebuild relationships with children
  • How stepparents can play a positive role in a blended family without exacerbating parental alienation
  • how mediation can be helpful in high-conflict divorces involving parental alienation
  • Why is it important to seek help for parental alienation issues sooner rather than later
  • What resources are available for parents dealing with parental alienation
  • (the full version of this session runs 0:51:48)

    Create a 
    strong and healthy stepfamily, 
    one STEP at a time