Create a strong and healthy stepfamily,   one STEP at a time

Lori and David Sims, renowned blended family experts, developed the Nacho KidsĀ® method. Known as "Nacho Parenting," this unique approach helps stepfamilies reduce stress and foster strong relationships.

Through their Nacho Kids Academy, they equip stepparents with essential tools, enabling them to navigate the complexities of blended family life and reduce the risk of failure.

Featured globally on platforms like Headline News and The Atlantic, the transformative Nacho Kids method has positively impacted countless stepfamilies worldwide, offering hope and guidance in their blended journey.


Here are some of the main points from Lori and David's interview:

  • How emotional weight and the concept of prioritizing certain issues or concerns differs from person to person and situation to situation
  • the challenges faced by stepparents in building a relationship with the child
  • effective ways to manage and process emotions, especially when faced with anger or frustration
  • parenting strategies need to change over time as the relationship between the parent and child evolves
  • How parents can guide children to come to their own conclusions about how to react or respond to a situation
  • (the full version of this session runs 0:46:20)

    Create a 
    strong and healthy stepfamily, 
    one STEP at a time