Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time

3  Days of Video Interviews with Stepfamily Experts
on Topics That Will Transform Your Stepfamily Life

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Dr. Wednesday Martin
Brenda and Gregg Ockun Profile Photo
Brenda & Gregg Ockun
Tracy Poizner profile photo
Tracy Poizner
Lori & David Sims profile photo
Lori & David Sims
Marty T Kelly profile photo
Mary T. Kelly
Joslynn Flowers profile photo
Joslynn Flowers
Bobbi Brooks Wilcox profil photo
Bobbi Brooks Wilcox
Karalee Katsambanis profile photo
Karalee Katsambanis
Joel Hawbaker profile photo
Joel Hawbaker
Anna De Acosta profile photo
Anna de Acosta
Naja Hall profile photo
Naja Hall
Kelly palmquist profil photo
Kelly Palmquist
Lisa Goodpaster profile photo
Lisa Goodpaster
Team Zimmerman couple photo
Chelsea & Garrett Zimmerman
Heidi Farrell
Heidi Farrell
Sonia Cann Malland profile photo
Dr. Sonia Cann-Milland
Karen Bonnell
Karen Bonnell
Claudette & Bernard Chenevert Profile Photo
Claudette & Bernard Chenevert
Meg Tubman profil photo
Meg Burton Tubman
Claudette Chenevert
Claudette Chenevert

The 2021 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit

As stepfamily experts, we've all been in your shoes.  
In fact, back when we started our practices, our mission,
our calling, we couldn't find the help or resources we needed 
to manage and navigate the role of being a stepparent.  

There were no role models for us to follow,
no guidebooks, magazines or online programs
for us to get answers to our most burning questions.

We created this summit to provide you with those answers.