Create a strong and healthy stepfamily,   one STEP at a time

Monica Chaney is a certified stepmom coach, wife and a stepmom of three now adults. Originally from South Africa, the U.S. is the eighth country and fourth continent she's lived on.

Before marrying and becoming a stepmom, Monica worked for an anti-human trafficking organization in both Greece and Ukraine.

Monica is a contributing writer for StepMom Magazine. From her home in San Antonio, Texas, Monica offers stepmom coaching via zoom and email with emphasis on worth and overcoming challenges.


Here are some of the main points from Monica's interview:

  • How the outsider syndrome looks like from a stepmom’s perspective
  • The findings around the stepmom outsider syndrome when she did a poll on her IG stories and what it revealed
  • How cultural or societal expectations can influence stepmoms feeling like an outside
  • Why setting expectations and boundaries in stepmom relationships is important
  • The importance of self-compassion in your stepmom journey
  • Coping mechanisms we have adopted when faced with challenges as a stepmom

(the full version of this session runs 0:31:47 )

Create a 
strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time