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ANNA de ACOSTA is a stepmom coach, intuitive guide, and creator of The Mindful Stepmom series of guided-audio meditations, available on iTunes.

Anna has written for StepMom Magazine and Step Parent Magazine. She has a passion for helping stepmoms overcome resentment, build resilience and live in peace - despite the chaos that may be going on around them.

She is a full-time stepmom and mom of 5 who lives with the love of her life near Niagara Falls, Canada. Anna practices what she teaches on an ongoing basis, with the goal of being an example for women who come from imperfect upbringings and are trying their best to create the family of their dreams.

Session Title: Triggered? Here’s How To Show Up As Your Best Self
  • What triggers you and why?
  • What are the stories you tell yourself?
  • What can you replace your triggers with? 

Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
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