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Meg Burton Tudman is on a mission to support stepmoms in honoring their highest selves through coaching, writing and speaking. Her specialty is holistic coaching for superwomen empowering them to align their mind, body and soul, so they can live a life they love.

Meg weaves mindset, meditation and Reiki into her online coaching programs, wellness articles, workshops, and corporate events. She has been featured by StepMom Magazine, Xerox Women’s Alliance, Finger Lakes Yogascapes, and Go Love Yourself. Learn more and connect at

Session Title: Self-Care in Your Real World
  • Why as stepmoms we need to practice self-care
  • What's the connection between what we think and our well-being
  • Too busy? We'll help you and show you simple yet effective tips you can apply now

Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time