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Lisa Goodpaster’s story is the most documented case on Child Alienation in the world. Her ability to connect and help others understand the dangers of not co-parenting and the connection to parental alienation is creating a positive movement forward to help create change while clearing the path for other survivors to come forward.

Lisa Goodpaster, founder of the Stephood Project, she is the author of forthcoming book Surviving Stephood as well as a childhood trauma educator.

Lisa specializes in inner child healing using both mind and body connection

Session Title: From parental alienation survivor to co-parenting advocate
  • Defining Parental Alienation
  • The dangers of not co-parenting and the links to parental alienation
  • How stepmothers can support their stepchildren when parental alienation is present

Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time