Joslynn Flowers stepmom

Joslynn Flowers is a new bio mom and a daily stepmom! Manager turned STAHM once covid hit she left her full-time job to stay home with the kids.

In her time as a stepmom she has experienced the struggles of dealing with a “HCBM” and multiple custody battles resulting in a CWS situation granting her husband full custody. Feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood and lonely she began seeking out a way to turn her stepmom experience from high conflict to a positive co-parenting experience!

Joslynn is a certified stepmom coach who loves to help other stepmoms, who has recently launched a podcast called The Daily Stepmom Podcast where she talks about not just surviving but thriving in your role as a stepmom! She loves to connect with others via her instagram account so find her a Dailystepmom.

Session Title: Stay Sane Stepmom
  • Dealing with guilty feelings of "Me Time"
  • What to do when dad doesn't get how hard being a stepmom is
  • Joslynn's tips to staying out of overwhelm and stay sane

Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time