This year's theme is:

The Power of Perspective:
Transforming Stepfamilies through
Mindset Mastery

Presented by
Claudette Chenevert - host, producer, and presenter of
The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit since 2020


Our 4th Ultimate Stepfamily Summit is over and what an event that was.

So much wisdom and inspiration was shared over the past three days. 
I'm sorry that you missed it thought.

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Day One - September 13 2023

Mary T. Kelly on

The Top 3 Issues Stepmoms face

  • Why we get caught up thinking about exes (it's evolutionary!)
  • How to avoid letting negative thoughts consume us
  • The notion that your partner can be manipulated by his ex
  • The “give – give” concept and when to apply it
  • Developing a solid relationship with oneself
  • The grief and loss experienced in remarriage with children


Lori and David Sims on
You Have Control Over And Can Change Your Mindset

  • Emotional weight varies by individual and context.
  • Stepparent-child relationship challenges.
  • Managing emotions in moments of anger or frustration.
  • Evolving parenting strategies with relationship changes.
  • Guiding children to form their own reactions and responses.


Krista Giovara on

In the Shoes of a Stepmom:

Growing, Changing and Embracing New Challenges

  • Krista's unique parenting approach compared to her parents.
  • Mistakes in discipline and home structure.
  • Anxiety and overthinking obstacles.
  • Realizing marital alignment on parenting.
  • Ex-spouses becoming best friends and its impact.


Mike Haney on

The Courageous Stepdad: Being Intentional in your Blended Family

  • Stepfather role, challenges, and discipline mistakes.
  • Most crucial relationship in stepfamily dynamics.
  • Grasping the 'stepfamily triangle.'
  • Fostering emotional connections and pre-friendships.
  • Mom's role in aiding partner's emotional bond with kids.


Monica Chaney on

Feeling Like The Outsider In Our Stepfamily

  • Stepmom's experience with outsider syndrome.
  • IG poll findings on stepmom outsider syndrome.
  • Cultural factors affecting stepmom inclusivity.
  • Importance of boundaries and expectations.
  • Self-compassion and coping mechanisms for stepmoms.


Anna DeAcosta on

Navigating Uncertainty

  • Anna's strategy for managing life transition uncertainties.
  • Importance of intuition over societal fears.
  • Balance between planning and life's unpredictability.
  • Anna's tips for positive mindset and emotional reframing.
  • Handling stepkids during transitions per Anna's advice.


Sonia Cann-Milland on

Changing Transition Experience From Traumatic To Tranquil

  • Improving transition experience for parents and kids.
  • Incorporating traditions on transition days.
  • Aligning transition purpose with family values.
  • Managing parental thoughts and emotions during transitions.
  • Mindfulness and deep breathing for anxiety relief.


Day Two- September 14 2023

Susan Haworth on

Untangling the BioMom / StepMom Web:

5 Steps to Release and Refocus

  • Five steps for mindset refocus.
  • Accountability for stepchild's "bad behavior."
  • Common blame targets in stepfamily dynamics.
  • Importance of owning emotions for emotional health.
  • Handling communication with ex-partners.


Meg Burton Tudman on

Master Your Mindset For Emotional Strength

  • Mindset's impact on reality and experience.
  • Managing stress while prioritizing well-being.
  • Communicating needs and boundaries in blended families.
  • Balancing responsibilities and personal joy.
  • Daily practices for cultivating joy and alignment.


Michaela Bucchianeri on

From Panic to Purpose: Finding Peace in Your Stepmom Role

  • Anxiety's unique impact on stepmoms.
  • Science-based strategy for curbing runaway worries.
  • Mindset shift for more peaceful stepmom life.
  • What to avoid doing regarding spouse/stepkids' anxiety.


Brittney Phillips on

Mind Over Meltdown:

Empowering Your Mindset in Blended Family Triggers

  • Common triggers for stepmoms in blended families.
  • Emotional baggage affecting current relationships.
  • Physical sensations when triggered and coping methods.
  • Parenting style conflicts in stepmom-stepchild relations.
  • Importance of vulnerability, mindfulness, and self-awareness.


Mary Anne Gunter on

Trauma, Loss, And Grief in Blended Families -Adults and Children

  • Setting a strong foundation and methods.
  • Addressing trauma and abuse signs in blended families.
  • Helping children shed guilt and self-blame post-trauma.
  • Indicators of child parentification.
  • Grandparents' role in stepfamilies.


Laura Petherbridge on

Stepping Back Without Stepping Out - The Smart Stepmom

  • Balancing roles at different journey stages for stepmoms.
  • Controlling thoughts and overcoming negativity.
  • Navigating fears of angering partner or appearing unloving.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and effective communication.
  • Finding purpose as a stepmom in a blended family.


Heidi Farrell on

Little Picture / Big Picture Thinking

  • Risks of dwelling on minor negatives.
  • Shift focus from problems to what's working.
  • The balance between control and surrender.
  • Counterproductivity of fixating on flaws and mistakes.
  • Big picture mindset for self and others' grace.


Day Three- September 15 2023

Ginger Gentile on

Stop Erasing Family

  • Understanding parental alienation and its impact on children.
  • Steps to reverse parental alienation and rebuild bonds.
  • Stepparents' role in mitigating parental alienation.
  • Mediation's role in high-conflict divorces with alienation.
  • Importance and resources for timely intervention in alienation issues.


Ali Wilks on

You are Sacred and Worthy: 

3 Steps to Reclaim Your Divine Worth

  • Past wounds affecting current stepkid relationships.
  • Managing jealousy and competition in family dynamics.
  • Stepfamily as a platform for growth and healing.
  • Nurturing actions for self-worth realization.
  • Building trust through sacred spaces and intuition.


Tracy Poizner on

Category of One:

Cashing In On The Hardest Part Of Being A Stepmom

  • Key challenges faced by stepmoms.
  • Emotional impact of disapproval and rejection.
  • Social media's role in shaping stepmom experiences.
  • Balancing emotional comfort and long-term happiness.
  • Asserting personal rules and authority as a stepmom.


Jason Kreidman on

Parenting Partnership -  

How Moms Can Motivate Dads to Contribute

  • Keeping dads connected with kids during absences.
  • Dads as independent disciplinarians.
  • Empathy in effective child discipline and communication.
  • Clear roles and open communication for household harmony.
  • Encouraging dad involvement in child care at all ages.


Jayna Haney on

Flexible Thinking –

Changing the Blame Game and Taking Back Your Power

  • Personal growth through owning power, not blaming others.
  • Bill Eddie's four traits of high-conflict people.
  • Traits' role in complicating conflict resolution.
  • Blaming others fosters helplessness and powerlessness.
  • Flexible thinking for personal power in high-conflict situations.


Susan Lancaster on

Considered Listening

  • Mindset differences between spouse and single parent.
  • Role of active listening in effective communication.
  • Understanding stepkids' experiences and effective communication.
  • Exploring 'Considered Listening' and its application.


Claudette Chenevert on

Embracing Growth Together: Building a Positive Mindset

in Stepfamilies through Micro-Community

  • Challenging stepfamily stereotypes and stigmas.
  • Understanding fixed vs. growth mindset.
  • Relevance of micro-communities to stepfamilies.
  • Benefits of a growth mindset in stepfamily micro-communities.



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