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The Stepfamily Summit 2021

We're super excited to be bringing you 
The Stepfamily Summit May 2021 Event. 

While we prepare and get organized for our summit,
take a moment to check out the 2020 summit.

And you can still own the audio and videos
from last year's speakers. 

What Can I Do to make my Stepfamily Life Better?

As a stepfamily, you face unique challenges that nuclear families
don't deal with:

  • Feeling like an outsider
  • Talking to your spouse about their kids or their ex
  • Dealing with the stigma of being a stepmom
  • Wondering who comes first, the stepkids or the relationship
  • What's the best way to handle high conflict stepkids and exes
  • Dealing with your emotions about having an "Ours Baby"
  • Children being alienated against you and/or your partner
  • Wondering whether you're being controlling or just setting  boundaries 
  • The best role for you as a stepparent and whether or not to disengage from the stepkids

In this summit, we address these challenges and many more by providing you
with resources that will make a positive change in your life and family.

Stepfamily Summit 2020 Speakers

  • The woman behind the mission
  • What you might not know about National Stepfamily Day and Week

3 Steps You Can Take Today To Prevent Blended Family Stress From Overwhelming Your Marriage

Bobbi Wilcox Profile
  • How to manage your stressors as a team
  • Understanding the different styles of conflict resolution in your marriage
  • ONE action step that stepcouples can take NOW to help them manage their stressors
  • The causes of conflict in blended families
  • Personality types that are likely to be high conflict
  • The best ways to handle a high conflict personality
  • What makes some conversations so hard to get through
  • The role of past relationships in navigating tough conversations 
  • The road map to more meaningful and effective communication with your spouse
  • The one thing that can predict whether a stepmom will address tough topics with her partner

The Childless Stepmom – Overcoming The Social Stigma They Face

  • The journey and challenges childless stepmoms face
  • The difference between a childless stepmom and a child free stepmom
  • Addressing difficult topics such as whether or not to have a baby or not
  • Resentment and where it comes from
  • Things to consider before having an "Ours Baby"
  • Dealing with your emotions about having an "Ours Baby"
  • Things you and your spouse can do to help kids transition to having new siblings
  • Why Nachoing gets such a bad rap
  • The best approach to Nachoing effectively
  • Nachoing one stepkid but not another. Is that OK?
  • The reason some bio dads are against the stepmom Nachoing

Brainwashed or Gaslighted: How to get through to your alienated child

  • The difference between brainwashing and gaslighting
  • What to tell a child who is being told lies about you by their other parent
  • Can parental alienation happen even if you’re still getting visits with your child?

How to help your stepkids - who come’s first in your blended family?

  • Who comes first – the kids or your relationship?
  • How we show up makes a difference in our life
  • What stepmoms do that is almost guaranteed to fail
  • The biggest problem in dysfunctional stepfamily dynamics

Insights from A Stepdad

  • Some principles to starting out a blended family right
  • What parents should consider when blending families
  • The biggest problem facing couples going into a stepfamily

The Five P's of Stepparenting

  • The 5 P's of Stepparenting
  • The dangers that good parenting books can have for blended families
  • What catches both biological parents and stepparents off-guard when it comes to stepparenting
  • HOW disengaging works
  • Why most stepfamilies don't "blend"
  • HOW to find a good stepfamily therapist
  • WHAT to do if you feel like an outsider in your own home
  • The one important thing about boundaries
  • The relationship between boundaries and trust
  • The difference between setting boundaries and being controlling
  • The reasons why setting boundaries is so hard for some parents

The 2020 Stepfamily Summit

As stepfamily experts, we've all been in your shoes.  
In fact, back when we started our practices, our mission,
our calling, we couldn't find the help or resources we needed 
to manage and navigate the role of being a stepparent.  

There were no role models for us to follow,
no guidebooks, magazines or online programs
for us to get answers to our most burning questions.

We created this summit to provide you with those answers.

Why Should I Attend The Summit?

It's all FREE!

2020 has made us feel isolated, and unable to attend events 
or create the opportunity to connect with other stepfamilies.  

This 3-day online event is free to attend to 
all who register to join the summit.

Learn tested strategies for stepfamily success that really work.
Interact with all these experts on our private
Stepfamily Summit Facebook Page. 
If you're just starting out or many years in, get advice that's right for you. 
Take advantage of free bonus gifts from the presenters.
Become a part of a stepparenting movement
and connect with pride in your role!

This summit was created for stepfamilies by stepfamily experts.  
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The Stepfamily Summit

13 Stepfamily Experts
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