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one STEP at a time

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Leading stepfamily experts share their knowledge that 
YOU CAN USE NOW to help optimize your stepfamily life.

We had a great time during our first Stepfamily Summit which was held virtually on Sept 16-18, 2020. Our 13 speakers shared with us a lot of useful and helpful information that can transform your stepfamily experience.

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Ali Wilks
Anna De Acosta
Bobbi Brooks Wilcox
Brenda Ockun
Christy Tusing-Borgeld
Lori and David Sims
Ron L. Deal
Tracy Poizner
Naja Hall
Craig Morgan
Heidi Farrell
Laura Petherbridge
Claudette Chenevert

The 2020 Stepfamily Summit

As stepfamily experts, we've all been in your shoes.  
In fact, back when we started our practices, our mission,
our calling, we couldn't find the help or resources we needed 
to manage and navigate the role of being a stepparent.  

There were no role models for us to follow,
no guidebooks, magazines or online programs
for us to get answers to our most burning questions.

We created this summit to provide you with those answers.

The Stepfamily Summit

13 Stepfamily Experts
Bonus gifts from the presenters