Create a strong and healthy stepfamily,   one STEP at a time

Shelly Ware, LMFT CEO Founder The Counseling Clinic

She specializes in Women’s Issues as well as Trauma. Shelly’s expertise lies in supporting women on their journey to healing. The amazing women she meets discover how to heal from old wounds, advocate for themselves, set better boundaries, and value the incredible person they truly are.

Shelly has been in love with the psychology field ever since high school. Immersing herself in the world of psychology quickly became both a dedicated specialty and a passionate pastime. therapy.

She truly believes that black people and people of color deserve to feel comfortable about going to therapy. Her goal is to continue destigmatizing therapy for black individuals in various stages of life. This new normalization will create an inviting space for unique personalities to flourish.

Sometimes a difficult childhood or stressful relationship can cause us to walk on eggshells everywhere we turn. We start worrying about pleasing others to the detriment of ourselves. There is no need to rock the boat, right?

This type of thinking can cause us to engage in self-sabotage and the suppression of very real emotions. Eventually, these emotions will bubble over and transform into overwhelming anxiety. Trauma impacts our sense of self and our ability to make healthy choices. Shelly believes you deserve more.


(the full version of this session runs 0:37:49)