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Stop Walking On Eggshells and Reclaim Your Life


In this interview of The Stepfamily Summit, we dive into setting boundaries within a family.

Our speaker, Claudette Chenevert, is a stepmom coach with over 30 years of experience in the field. Claudette shares her personal experience of struggling with finding resources and help as a stepmom from a traditional nuclear family perspective and how that led her to study communication and conflict resolution to save her marriage.

We go in-depth into the meaning of boundaries and how they create a sense of security and safety for oneself and one’s family. Claudette also emphasizes the importance of being clear and consistent with consequences for actions, both positive and negative.

She shares the concept of tolerance and how it’s about letting someone experience the consequences of their actions or behavior.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for anyone looking to create cohesive family life, especially for stepmoms.

This bundle gives you access to the video replay and audio download.

In this program, you’ll hear Claudette Chenevert, aka The Stepmom Coach, talk about:

  • The difference between setting boundaries and being controlling
  • The relationship between boundaries and trust
  • The reasons why setting boundaries is so hard for some parents
  • The one important thing about boundaries