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This course helps you prepare for the Ultimate Stepfamily Summit 2022 taking place September 14-16 2022, and then to access materials available with your package once individual sessions have completed

The following "lessons" will be released pre-summit:

  • Welcome video from Claudette Chenevert, the host and organizer of this Summit, as well as instructions on how to best use this material
  • "Teaser videos" for each speaker's talk
  • Detailed agenda
  • How to access the Summit workbook and the “live” sessions

The following lessons will become available as the summit progresses:

  • Each topic and presenter is covered on a separate page.  The page goes live once a presenter’s session has completed

The following lessons will be released after the Summit has completed

  • Bonus Materials
  • Participant survey

Ultimate Stepfamily Summit 2022 - FREE


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