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National Stepfamily Day And Week – Honoring Christy Borgeld’s Work

  • The woman behind the mission
  • What you might not know about National Stepfamily Day and Week
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Stepfamily Conflict And How To Fix It with Naja Hall

An interview with Naja Hall

  • The causes of conflict in blended families
  • Personality types that are likely to be high conflict
  • The best ways to handle a high conflict personality
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3 Steps You Can Take Today To Prevent Blended Family Stress From Overwhelming Your Marriage with Bobbi Wilcox

  • How to manage your stressors as a team
  • Understanding the different styles of conflict resolution in your marriage
  • ONE action step that stepcouples can take NOW to help them manage their stressors
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The Five P’s Of Stepparenting with Ron L. Deal

  • The 5 P's of Stepparenting
  • The dangers that good parenting books can have for blended families
  • What catches both biological parents and stepparents off-guard when it comes to stepparenting
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Can You Ever Become A Real Family If They’re “Nacho” Kids”? with Lori and David Sims

  • Why Nachoing gets such a bad rap
  • The best approach to Nachoing effectively
  • Nachoing one stepkid but not another. Is that OK?
  • The reason some bio dads are against the stepmom Nachoing
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Brainwashed Or Gaslighted: How To Get Through To Your Alienated Child with Tracy Poizner

  • The difference between brainwashing and gaslighting
  • What to tell a child who is being told lies about you by their other parent
  • Can parental alienation happen even if you’re still getting visits with your child?
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The Childless Stepmom – Overcoming The Social Stigma They Face with Laura Petherbridge

  • The journey and challenges childless stepmoms face
  • The difference between a childless stepmom and a child free stepmom
  • Addressing difficult topics such as whether or not to have a baby or not
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Is Resentment Stealing The Joy Of Adding An Ours Baby To Your Family? with Heidi Farrell

  • Resentment and where it comes from
  • Things to consider before having an "Ours Baby"
  • Dealing with your emotions about having an "Ours Baby"
  • Things you and your spouse can do to help kids transition to having new siblings
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10 Things ALL Stepmoms Need To Know with Brenda Ockun

  • HOW disengaging works
  • Why most stepfamilies don't "blend"
  • HOW to find a good stepfamily therapist
  • WHAT to do if you feel like an outsider in your own home
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How To Help Your Stepkids – Who Come’s First In Your Blended Family? with Anna De Acosta

  • Who comes first – the kids or your relationship?
  • How we show up makes a difference in our life
  • What stepmoms do that is almost guaranteed to fail
  • The biggest problem in dysfunctional stepfamily dynamics
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Insights From A Stepdad with Craig Morgan

  • Some principles to starting out a blended family right
  • What parents should consider when blending families
  • The biggest problem facing couples going into a stepfamily
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Practical Tips For Successfully Navigating The Toughest Conversations With Your Spouse – with Ali Wilks

  • What makes some conversations so hard to get through
  • The role of past relationships in navigating tough conversations
  • The road map to more meaningful and effective communication with your spouse
  • The one thing that can predict whether a stepmom will address tough topics with her partner
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Stop Walking On Eggshells And Reclaim Your Life with Claudette Chenevert

  • The one important thing about boundaries
  • The relationship between boundaries and trust
  • The difference between setting boundaries and being controlling
  • The reasons why setting boundaries is so hard for some parents
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