Moving Out & Moving On? Conversations About Adult Stepkids with Ali Wilks


Shedding some light on dealing with Adult Stepchildren. All couples have to recalibrate what family looks like and the couple relationship as children leave the family fold and launch into independence. Here are some tips and conversation cues to discuss what the future may hold.,

Key Points: During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • Stepfamily challenges don’t end when the kids turn 18
  • Conversations we lack when it comes to older stepkids
  • How to connect with adult stepkids, when they go off to college, university, moving on with their lives
  • Expanding how we see family by using the telescopic view

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  • Both girls moved back in with their mom as teenagers, but both have moved back for a time as adults, one with our grandson. We were so blessed that even though those teenage years were challenging, the adult years have gotten better. All the perseverance, patience, and “heart-earned” experiences was worth it. Thank you!

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