Orders of Love and Loyalty: Unlocking Family with Tracy Poizner

Key Points: During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • Why the stepmom and the dad don’t see eye to eye on what is a family
  • Why Tracy is focusing on the dads and helps them to be the dad the kids need
  • Talked about the Orders of Love and Family Constellation
  • How culture influences how we come together as a family

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Speaker Bio: Tracy Poizner bio

  • Wow! This session really stimulated our thought processes. I plan to dig deeper into these concepts to understand her perspective better. Throughout the morning sessions today, I am repeatedly reminded that stepfamilies are new families, not recreations of first families.
    So grateful for all the great presentations in this Summit.

  • What a wonderful concept / view!! Completely makes sense to me that I need to allow my Husband (Warrior) to be the strength of the framework of our family. In my situation, I need to be less strong and support my husband’s handling of his children whether I feel correct or not. Actually I have been learning this over time. It has been a struggle but I am learning and trying to truly listen. Thank you, Tracy! I always learn so much from your wisdom and knowledge. Grately appreciated!!!!

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