What Works & What Doesn’t in Today’s Stepfamily with Dr. Patricia Papernow


In interviews I like to share with listeners what five decades of research and clinical practice teaches us about what works, and what doesn’t, to meet the very real challenges that stepfamilies create.

Key Points:

  • Talked about changes in divorce rates
  • What research has shown that thriving stepfamilies do well and what struggling stepfamilies lack.
  • Shares her 5 challenges and explains what they are
  • Talked about types of parenting and how each one works within the stepfamily system
  • What research is showing about older stepfamilies.

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  • In our situation, maintaining peace with the other household has been the most challenging, even now as the girls are adults. Thanks for the insights and additional resources.

    • Hopefully, you’ll find ways to maintain peace. One book I read that was very helpful for us was from Deborah Tannen called “You’re Wearing That?” It’s about Mothers & Daughters. Although she doesn’t address stepmothers and stepdaughters, there are some really good insights as to why these relationships can be hard.

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