Disengaging From The Traditional Family Standard with Jennifer Korb

Key Points: During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • Expectations stepmoms and even society has and why it’s not working
  • Focus on parenting and stepparenting teenagers
  • What does it mean to disengage, especially teenagers
  • Why disengaging is key to staying sane
  • Why it’s important for couples and individuals that are in stepfamilies to seek professional help

Watch: The 24-hour full-video replay window has now ended. Here is a snippet of the interview. If you wish to own the complete version, go to thestepfamilysummit.com/shop/

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  • Yes! “Behind the scenes” is one of the best analogies I have heard, especially as a fellow stepmom without bio kids. And I too have thanked my parents after dealing with step-teenagers. Thank you!

  • Thank you Jennifer and Claudettte!!! Your knowledge and wisdom is extremely helpful!!!! My husband heard close to the end about “We just want recognition on our thoughts/opinions and how difficult it must be”. He commented that makes sense. We shall see.

    Thank you Melissa

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