How To Help Your Stepchild When Emotions Run High with Jayna Haney

Outline: Meaning of family, blame, shame and regret. It’s normal as parents to feel these. Ask ourselves what we would have done differently, what was I thinking? The more I understood looking back.

Key Points:

  • Path to healing, started with understanding with grace and compassion.
  • EMDR explained
  • Reason people get so upset is that they care.
  • Lots of resentment because the stepmom cares and loves you – the partner
  • Help with understanding where all this comes from. Where do you feel it in your body? (to do during our interview.)
  • We all feel our upsets in our bodies. Working harder makes things worst for the stepmom.

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  • Emotions are contagious! Thanks for these great insights. Even though both my bonus daughters are young adults, I could relate and see so many of these things even now.

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