BONUS – Let’s Hear From The Men In Stepfamilies with the Dad Panel

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    • So many! It’s a humbling reminder to hear that the weight of the world, including grief from the broken marriage, is on my husband’s shoulders. I need to do better about putting myself in his shoes. Show grace & empathy. Also very validating to hear Joel S. acknowledge that fitting in as a step-mom”by gravity” won’t happen, but that I need grace, too.

      • Thank you Jessica in sharing this. I too forgot that my husband is hurting too in not being with his daughters all the time.

  • Really enjoyed hearing from the dads. I would have loved to hear the Grandparents view relating to how maybe Bio kids feel about their babies vs SK babies. Maybe next year. One point I need to make that I have found over these last three years…. My situation is not truly coming up. I am finding with my background of Psychology (not in practice), and Social/ Family work and attending these Summits that people wanting to better their stepfamily situation by learning from other’s knowledge, wisdom and absorbing “a better way” seem to be not the individuals dealing with addiction issues (drugs, smoking, alcohol, illegal behavior) along with extreme dishonesty etc… plus believing they are doing no wrong. Not sure if I put that out there well but my H’s ex, which seems to have many issues remarried a man with many issues and now we are having more issues with the teens relating to the other household. It was nice to have the dads basically put out there – they have feelings too and that it does get better over time. Thank you Melissa

  • Finding the grace of dads and stepdads position and their way of confront issues.
    Reconnecting through their feelings of missing out to my own feelings of missing out my teenage daughter.
    Finding shelter and relieve in their words as human.
    Recognizing grief what helps me to articulate the enourmous empty space my daughter has in my life.
    Even adds me a thought that my fiancé is more than a dad is a not practising stepdad too.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Thank you for letting closer to the dad’s and stepdad’s side.

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