Workbook & Summit Agenda


Agenda pdf. Click to open, or right click and "save link as" to save a copy to your device


Workbook pdf. Click to open, or right click and "save link as" to save a copy to your device

Many participants find it useful to print the workbook to take notes while listening to each topic.    
Studies have shown that taking notes helps the brain retain information.

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  • While I am extremely busy and won’t have a lot of time to be present for the live videos, I am excited that I can still see them within my 24hr period.

    Thank you for doing this! I have been a stepmom for only 7 years but it’s been increasingly more challenging and emotionally straining these past 3-4years. I am grateful for my therapist, Claudette, and for this summit!

    Thank you again!!

    • I'm so glad that you are here and prioritize yourself to find time to listen to what will resonate with you and help. 7 years is often that time where stepfamily challenges seem to increase. I know you've got this and you'll find amazing information and recourses to help you.

  • RE: "… taking notes helps the brain retain information." Claudette, you're SO good about sharing valuable insights with others. Never in a million years would I call you stingy. (ha ha) I appreciate you–and am proud to call you both a colleague and a friend. Your 2021 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit, like you, is amazing!!! – Christine

    • Thank you so much Christine.
      The idea behind the summit is to help stepfamilies get the information they’ve been seeking and needing to help improve their lives. And if I can help people retain the information better, help them consume it in a way that they will actually apply it to their lives, then, I’m happy.
      You Christine are an amazing colleague and friend and I’m forever grateful for you help and support. XOXOXO

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