Welcome to our private platform. Please take a moment to listen to my message where I share with you how to navigate this area, what you will find and hopefully answer some of your questions. I'm so excited to have you here with us.

  • My name is Taylor. I am from Fontana, CA. I am a step mom of one 10 year old. I have been a step mom for five years now. And I have a baby of my own that is 3 years old.

    I have been a step mom mag member for a year now and it has been a great survival guide that I truly needed 🙂

  • Hi Claudette,

    My name is Denise from New York. Thank you for putting together this wonderful line up and amazing resources. I don't feel so alone and learning a lot but also finding grace in that I am kind to myself and actually do more than I thought I did.

    Taking away a lot of coping steps and activities to help me balance it all with grace. Joining the summit is one of the greatest decisions I have made in my journey as a fairly new stepmom. (Going on 2 years) 😉

  • Hi Claudette,
    My name is Vanessa I’ve been a stepmom of three teenagers for seven years. I follow the stepmom magazine on IG, that’s how I knew about the summit. Thank you for putting all these special guests together that help us all.
    Thanks again!

    • Thank you Vanessa. So glad that you follow Stepmom Magazine on IG and for letting us know how you found out about the summit.
      I hope that you got a lot of great and useful information from our speakers.
      If there is one thing that you could say that helped you the most, what would that be?

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