When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned … Managing Stepmom Life During Infertility, Grief, And Other Obstacles with Kelly Palmquist

During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • Co-parenting challenges, infertility, and grief - just some of the obstacles in the stepmom journey
  • The cost to you and your family when putting your needs last
  • Self-Care formula for small, medium & large speedbumps

Here is Kelly Palmquist's offer – Checklist on Levels of Self-Care

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  • Kelly shared some really personal stories with us of grief and pain. And despite all she's been through, she still manages to smile and see the positive in life.
    What one thing from Kelly resonates with you and that you can apply to your life?

  • Definitely taking time out for myself. There was a period where I was doing so much housework & wasn't taking any time out for myself especially when working full-time as my week is already very busy. I'm going to set aside time for myself at the end of each day even if it's only for 30 minutes & once a week I will do something for myself that brings me joy.

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