Common Sense Self Care That Stepmoms Overlook with Karalee Katsambanis

During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • The consequence of stress on stepmoms' mental health
  • Mistakes stepmoms make and why we need to act differently
  • Approaches and strategies when engaging with adult stepkids

Here is Karalee Katsambanis' offer - Top 10 Tips For Step Parents To Let You Know You Are Not Alone

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  • What were your thoughts about what Karalee had to share about never seen her husband's ex?
    She also had some great questions for us to ask our medical and mental health providers. What's your experience been like for you?

    • In my personal experience I was informally introduced to my partner's ex wife at the step son's football game. I believe that if my partner had not come over to where I was sitting with my other step son when the bio mum approached, she would never have spoken or even acknowledged my existence. Since then the bio mum has not spoken to me & does not speak with my partner regarding parenting matters.

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