Bouncing Back From Chaos & Conflict Within Your Stepfamily with Claudette Chenevert

During this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • Why stepfamilies experience more anxiety & stress than other families
  • Four different kinds of resiliency
  • Applying the steps to bouncing back from chaos and conflict

Here is Claudette Chenevert 's offer- Checklist on How To Bounce Back & Become More Resilient

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  • Thanks so much Claudette and Bernard for the gift that this summit is for so many stepmoms, including myself. I’m learning lots from all of you 🥰 like Tracy said, it’s not an office if people behind the scenes, it’s the two of you and I appreciate the efforts so much!

    • Anna, thank you so much for these kind words. There is indeed a lot happening behind the scene. Claudette does all the talking and handling of the technical issues with the WebinarJam platform. I’m handling the flood of emails from all the participants, and keeping teh course platform up to date, as well as handling the ongoing flow of sign-ups and upgrades that have been going on non-stop since this started. But thanks to you and the other speakers as well for acting as moderators during the sessions.

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