Start Here and Welcome video

Welcome. Please take a moment to listen to my message where I share with you how to navigate this area, what you will find and hopefully answer some of your questions. I'm so excited to have you here with us.

Please bookmark the following link:  2022 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit FREE replay
This is where you will want to come back during the Summit to access video replay of any session you might have missed when it first aired.  Replay will be available for each video for a period of 24 hours starting from the end of each session.

The following "lessons" will be released pre-summit:

  • Welcome video from Claudette Chenevert, the host and organizer of this Summit, as well as instructions on how to best use this material
  • "Teaser videos" for each speaker's talk
  • Detailed agenda
  • How to access the Summit workbook and the “live” sessions

The following lessons will become available as the summit progresses:

  • Each topic and presenter is covered on a separate page.  The page goes live once a presenter’s session has completed.  This includes:
  • 24-hour access to replay the video
  • Link to the speaker’s offers.

The following lessons will be released after the Summit has completed

  • Bonus Materials
  • Participant survey
The fine print:
  • The materials in this course are and remain the Intellectual Property of Claudette Chenevert LLC, doing business as The Stepmom Coach and The Stepfamily Summit.  You have a right-to-access these materials for personal use. Commercial use of these materials is expressly forbidden
  • Hello and welcome. We’re going to do a scavenger hunt today to win The Stepmom’s Book Of Boundaries Bundle. Here’s what you need to do – I’ll put a special comment on one of the presenters. All you need to do is follow the instructions that I’ll be posting. Good luck.

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