Summit schedule

The 2022 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit Schedule

All Times shown are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT - UTC-4)

Sept 14, 2022 – Day One

08:30 AM   Welcome

09:00 AM   What Works & What Doesn’t in Today’s Stepfamily with Dr. Patricia Papernow

10:15 AM   A New Way To View Family Progress with Diane Ingram Fromme

11:00 AM   How To Help Your Stepchild When Emotions Run High with Jayna Haney

12:15 PM   VIP/Presenter/Affiliate lunch zoom session

1:30 PM     Going From Yours & Mine to Ours with Christina McGhee

2:30 PM     A Stepkid’s Perspective – What Makes A Family? with Dr. Susan Swanson

3:30 PM     Moving Out & Moving On? Conversations About Adult Stepkids with Ali Wilks

4:30 PM     Let's Talk About Money And Stepfamilies with Emily Bouchard

5:15 PM     Wrap-up

Sept 15, 2022 – Day Two

08:30 AM   Welcome

09:00 AM   Why We Don't Feel Like A Family with Shelly Ware

10:00 AM   How To Respect & Support One Another with Dr. Sonia Cann-Milland

11:15 AM   Our New Blended Family Counts too - Right? with Dr. Mary Anne Gunter

12:15 PM   VIP/Presenter/Affiliate lunch zoom session

1:30 PM     Grieving Firsts In A Stepfamily...When Your Kids Are Involved with Heidi Farrell

2:30 PM     Being A Family While Nachoing with Lori and David Sims

3:30 PM     How Conflict Impacts You, Your Partner & The Kids with Naja Hall

4:30 PM     Connecting To Your Inner Light to Define What Family Means to You with Anna De Acosta

5:15 PM     Wrap-up

Sept 16, 2022 – Day Three - Honoring National Stepfamily Day's 25th Anniversary

08:30 AM   Welcome

09:00 AM   Defining Stepfamilies Through Stepfamily Day with Christy Tusing-Borgeld

10:00 AM   Experiences of Stepfamilies in Guatemala with Claudia Cuyun

11:00 AM   Orders of Love and Loyalty: Unlocking Family with Tracy Poizner

12:15 PM   VIP/Presenter/Affiliate lunch zoom session

1:30 PM     Disengaging From The Traditional Family Standard with Jennifer Korb

2:15 PM     Defining What is A Happy Stepfamily with Rachelle Katz

3:00 PM     Protecting & Preserving Family Privacy with Susan Haworth

4:00 PM     A Different Perspective Around Stepfamilies with Claudette Chenevert

5:15 PM     Wrap-up and next steps

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