In this interview for The Stepfamily Summit, Claudette Chenevert talks about how to stop walking on eggshells and reclaim your life by setting boundaries.

She discusses the importance of boundaries, which are based on an individual's values, beliefs, and convictions, and how they are crucial in creating a sense of security and safety for oneself and one's family.

Claudette Chenevert, who became a stepmom 33 years ago, also shares her experience of struggling to find help and resources and how she became the stepmom coach to help other women like her.

The discussion touches on different points of view on parenting and how conflicts can arise, as well as tips on how to effectively communicate and verbalize your boundaries to those around you.

Additionally, the concept of tolerance is also explored, and how it can be used to guide boundary-setting decisions.

Throughout the interview, Claudette provides practical advice, emphasizing the importance of consequences for actions and being clear and consistent with them.

She also notes the need to consider underlying issues beyond minor disagreements, negotiate consequences for more significant boundary infringement, and involve biological parents when necessary.Listeners are encouraged to set personal boundaries according to their values and beliefs and a clear understanding of personal space that helps them reclaim control over their lives.

Finally, Claudette shares resources for those looking for further support and guidance in navigating the challenges of being a stepmom.

Session Title: Stop Walking On Eggshells and Reclaim Your Life

  • The difference between setting boundaries and being controlling
  • The relationship between boundaries and trust
  • The reasons why setting boundaries is so hard for some parents
  • The one important thing about boundaries

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