Bobbi Brook Wilcox is the Founder and President of Blended Families United. She is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, a published author of her book, RECONCILED, an ordained minister, and a blended family coach. Bobbi teaches online stepfamily courses in collaboration with The National Stepfamily Resource Center, is a member of the Stepfamily Mastermind group, and has been interviewed on various podcasts.

Bobbi is a blended family mom. She has two adult children from her first marriage and four grandchildren. She and her husband, Geoff, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado with their twelve-year-old son and two dogs.

Session Title: 3 Steps You Can Take Today To Prevent Blended Family Stress From Overwhelming Your Marriage

  • How to manage your stressors as a team
  • Understanding the different styles of conflict resolution in your marriage
  • ONE action step that stepcouples can take NOW to help them manage their stressors

Create a strong and healthy stepfamily, 
one STEP at a time