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 After Summit Zoom Call

We'll be holding a live Q&A call to talk about questions you may have on the topics we discussed during the summit.  
This is your chance to ask whatever's on your mind, issues that you're facing and connect with other attendees.

Looking for support on what you're going through? This will be the place to get it.

You have the option of joining one, two or all three sessions. Here are the dates:


  • October 25th @7:30 pm ET
  • November 29th @7:30 pm ET
  • January 03rd @ 7:30 pm ET
  • Once you've paid for the number of sessions you wish to attend and selected which dates, you'll receive a link to register via Zoom.

    After Summit Zoom Call

    NOTE: These calls will not be recorded so that participants can ask questions and share openly.