Affiliate Agreement for
The Stepfamily Summit

I’m very happy that you chose to joint venture with me to promote my products! Thank you.

My goal is to help you make promoting my products easy and fun while paying you a commission in return. I also provide you with content and graphics to help you talk and promote about the products.


What is an Affiliate?

  • Simply said, an affiliate is someone who refers our products and services to their clients, family, friends and colleagues. In return the affiliate receives compensation or commission for that referral.

How does it work?

  • First, you need to enroll in our affiliate program here. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive a unique link that you then share with your clients, family, friends and colleagues about our programs and services. If your referral makes a purchase within 120 days from being referred from The Stepfamily Summit using your link, you will receive a commission.
  • The more you promote us, the more we both profit from this. Please promote if this feels like a good fit for you.
  • Here are a few tips and ideas to help both of us benefit from this affiliate program:
  • Using your unique affiliate link, share in an email to those who would benefit from this program
  • Share on social media. Let people know why you feel they would benefit from participating in this program
  • Use to help make the link easier to use and remember
  • If you blog, use your unique affiliate like in your post
  • NOTE: If you are using affiliate links in your blogs or your website, it is advised to include a disclosure that you are acting as an affiliate
  • Here is an example of what you can include at the bottom/top of your post: 

Affiliate Disclosure

In the spirit of full disclosure some of the links on this website may be affiliate links. Which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we may receive an affiliate commission as their “thank you” for sending you their way. However, we never recommend any service or product solely for the reason of receiving commissions.

What is the commission I will receive from this affiliate program?

  • The FREE Stepfamily Summit, there is no compensation for this, since it’s FREE. The advantage though of using your affiliate link is that if the person you referred to the event decides to purchase the upgrade package, which we hope many do, then you will receive 50% commission AFTER service fees.

When will I get paid?

  • Sales become eligible for the referral commission after 45 days, to ensure no one requests a refund. After the 45 day waiting period, we will pay out your earned commission once every two months.

How will I get paid?

  • We prefer PayPal. Make sure to use your best email to enroll in our affiliate program.

What kind of paperwork do I need to fill out to get started?

Why an affiliate program?

  • We know that people love to share great products and services. What people love more is getting paid for it too. It’s a win/win situation

Who can be an affiliate?

  • Anyone who loves what we do, feels they want to support and encourage our programs as well as support the stepfamily community. It’s very important that you use the affiliate link that was created for you in order to be paid. There is no way for us to track a referred if the affiliate link associated with your name and email address is used.

Now for the Legalize Part.

By submitting to become an affiliate, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and condition of this contract and therefore will be legally bound by those terms.

This is a binding agreement between Claudette Chenevert LLC (also referred to as we, us, our) and you (also referred to your, yours,) the affiliate.

We make no monetary promises as to how much money you will make using our affiliate program.

Claudette Chenevert LLC reserves the right to terminate this affiliate membership at any point in time without notice to you. If there is any doubt of fraudulent activity or misuse of this program, you will be terminated immediately, again without notice to you.

We reserve the right to modify this affiliate program at any point in time. If we do make changes, you will be notified by email using the email address you provided with you signed up for the Affiliate Program.

Payment of commission will be paid out the last week of every second calendar month (February, April, June, August, October, December)

You agree that you are taking part of this affiliate program as an individual for the sole purpose of sharing with clients, friends, family, and colleague and on your own personal social media.