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One sentence summary of what they get

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One sentence summary of what they get

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One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
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Here are the VIP Bonuses

  • Live Webinar on Dealing With Conflict Your Adult Stepkids With Ali Wilks
  • 3-Hr Workshop on the Five Step Process of Dealing With Triggers With Anna De Acosta
  • Professional Training for Therapists/Counselors - Co-Parenting Specialist Certification Training – 4-day Virtual Training (This Is A Paid Program) with Christina McGhee
  • ONE FREE coaching discussion With Diane Fromme 
  • One a laser coaching session on money types along with the first three chapters of Money Magic by Deborah Price With Emily Bouchard
  • A seven-day challenge to get rid of nuclear family expectations. WITH Lori And David Sims
  • One 60-minute Strategy Planning Session for Individuals or Couples in a Stepfamily: Explore your family vision With Heidi Farrell 
  • 90 Minute Live webinar (2 dates) on Ask Questions & Get Answers To Your specific situation With Jayna Haney
  • Mini Course on communicating with your spouse With Dr. Sonia Cann-Milland
  • eBook  "How Blended Family Drama Brings Up Unresolved Trauma" With Naja Hall
  • eBook "Blended or Blitzed: Winning at the Blended Family Journey" With Dr. Mary Anne Gunter
  • 10% VIP discount (valid for 30 days following Summit) on any package of counseling sessions I offer With Susan Haworth
  • 90 Minute Live Workshop on Creating and Implementing your Family vision With Claudette Chenevert

Why Should I Upgrade To the Ultimate Summit?

When you upgrade to either the
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What makes our event
The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit?

We'll let our happy attendees answer that one!

"The comment about a child-free stepmom feeling there is no one in their corner and (having) a great sense of loneliness because of this is so true. I am also very close to niece and nephews and a total fur-baby mom. I feel like this presentation was written for me. Finally, how I feel was put into words. Thank you so much!" - Heather


Your Ultimate Stepfamily Summit was a Game Changer!

I just can’t say enough good things about this summit! I’ve been raving about it to my husband and even had him sit down to listen to some of the replays with me. It really has been a game changer and has helped me look at many of the challenges and emotions I/we face in our stepfamily life with a new perspective.

Thank you SO much to all of the speakers and to Claudette Chenevert! Please keep this going every year! 


I've Learned a Lot & Gained New Perspective

Thank you so very much for hosting this stepfamily summit! I greatly enjoyed these few days with everyone. I appreciate you, team and all of the speakers for sharing valuable information that is insightful and helpful. Although I have been a stepmom for 13 years and have an abundance of experiences to relate to these topics (some more than others), as well as strategies to utilize, I truly have learned a lot and gained new perspectives; tools to further assist me throughout my journey. I am looking forward to future summits!


The World So Needs More Wonderful People Like You!

This is a wonderful gift for sure.❤️ I cannot thank everyone involved enough for caring to share everything you have learned along your own relationship journeys, giving myself and others in need the treasure of not having to do this difficult life situation alone.
💖This world so needs more wonderful people like all of you!!!
The wonderful gift of knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others - Wisdom.
Thank you!

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What Can I Do to make 
Stepfamily Life More Livable?

Stepfamilies face unique challenges most nuclear families simply don't, such as:

  • Role ambiguity
  • Intrusive exes & stepkids
  • Confusing or conflicting priorities
  • Mixed emotions about "ours babies"
  • Stepparent/Parental Alienation
  • Unequal power & control
  • Outsider Syndrome
  • Stepmom/stepparent stigma
  • High-conflict household dynamics
  • A need to step away or disengage
  • Absent or weak boundaries
  • Extreme guilt or shame

The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit:
September 14, 15 & 16

You deserve unprecedented access to a select group of trusted experts with firsthand knowledge of stepfamily life's hiccups and heartaches. Having been in your shoes, our presenters launched their practices with a mission to help others navigate the challenges, dynamics and stressors unique to families like ours. 

Back in the day? There were no role models to follow. There were no books or magazines on the topic. There were no programs or seminars to enroll in. In short, there was nowhere to turn for answers we desperately needed. Now that there is, give yourself (and your loved ones) the "Ultimate" gift. Register today!

When you sign up by Sept. 13, you'll enjoy Early Bird savings!
And don't forget the amazing bonuses and gifts too!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it really FREE to participate?

YES! It is. You'll be able to attend every session live (we'll be providing you with 24 hr. replays in case you can't attend every session. Replay links are sent to your email address.)

All you need to do is click the enroll tab under FREE and that's it. You're in.

Be sure to whitelist "" to get your login details for the summit. If you don't optin or whitelist our email address, you might not get the critical information you need, or access to the workbook and offers.

What if I can't attend the sessions live?

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend each session live. That's why we're making each session available for 24 hrs.

You also have the option of upgrading to ENHANCED where have life time access of the 2022 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit audio recordings via a private podcasting platform, which includes the workbook. 

Or you could also upgrade to All-Access VIP where you'll have life time access to the 2022 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit audio (via a private podcasting platform) and video recording, transcripts of every speaker, plus an exclusive workbook with links to VIP bonuses, which included daily VIP Lunch Breaks and the VIP After Summit Party.

How do I attend the Ultimate Stepfamily Summit?

You'll receive an email from with the details on how to access your workbook, the summit and the private Facebook group. 

The summit will be hosted via WebinarJam where you'll be able to interact with the speakers and other participants.

Be sure to whitelist or add to your contacts to receive our emails. 

Where do I go if I want to upgrade?

I'm so glad you asked because there's so much goodness being shared, you'll want to own the recordings (and transcripts) for years to come. The best way to upgrade is to send us an email at and we'll walk you through what you need to do. 

You can also visit our shop page at

How long do I have access to the summit?

Lifetime access is available for the paid packages of Enhanced and All-Access VIP. You can download the content onto your personal computer for personal use.

Can I Bring my partner or friend to the event?

ABSOLUTELY! We'd love it if you shared our event with anyone who you feel would benefit and appreciate the message we're sharing here.

We really appreciate having you on board and bringing your friends and family with you.

The best way to invite others is to send them this link:

On a Personal Note 
by Claudette Chenevert
Host, Producer, Presenter

Having been a stepparent for 30+ years, let me tell you: I get how hard it can be!

Some aspects of stepfamily life get easier, sure, but the challenges never end.

My two stepdaughters are adults now and so is my son, whom my husband helped raise as his stepdad.

I created The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit with YOU in mind—plain and simple—with a goal of helping you ride out the ups and downs of stepfamily life with greater knowledge, resources and grace.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say "Hi!" while attending the 3rd Annual.


Claudette Chenevert
The Stepmom Coach