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Join us for 3 DAYS of amazing, action oriented, transformative
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This year's theme is

What Does It Mean To Be A Family?

Mark your calendar for the
2022 Ultimate Stepfamily Summit
September 14, 15 & 16

You deserve unprecedented access to a select group of trusted experts with firsthand knowledge of stepfamily life's hiccups and heartaches. Having been in your shoes, our presenters launched their practices with a mission to help others navigate the challenges, dynamics and stressors unique to families like ours. 

Back in the day? There were no role models to follow. There were no books or magazines on the topic. There were no programs or seminars to enroll in. In short, there was nowhere to turn for answers we desperately needed. Now that there is, give yourself (and your loved ones) the "Ultimate" gift. Own the summit replays today!

Frequently asked questions

Where do I go if I want to upgrade?

I'm so glad you asked because there's so much goodness being shared, you'll want to own the recordings (and transcripts) for years to come. The best way to upgrade is to send us an email at and we'll walk you through what you need to do. 

How long do I have access to the summit?

You'll have life time access. You can download the content onto your personal computer for personal use.

The Stepfamily Summit
September 14, 15 and 16, 2022

On a Personal Note 
by Claudette Chenevert
Host, Producer, Presenter

Having been a stepparent for 30+ years, let me tell you: I get how hard it can be! Some aspects of stepfamily life get easier, sure, but the challenges never end. My two stepdaughters are adults now and so is my son, whom my husband helped raise as his stepdad.

I created The Ultimate Stepfamily Summit with YOU in mind—plain and simple—with a goal of helping you ride out the ups and downs of stepfamily life with greater knowledge, resources and grace. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say "Hi!" while attending the 3rd Annual.


Claudette Chenevert
The Stepmom Coach